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Holiday Home for your Dog

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Beech Tree Paddock is a private, two-acre, secure field for your exclusive use. We have drawn on many years of experience from running Beech Tree Kennels to design and build a safe place for you and your dog to enjoy without fear of interruption. An environment full of scents, sights and activities to provide enrichment and stimulation for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Beech tree paddock

We have built an off-road, gated, car park. It is designed in an "air-lock" style, which allows you to close off the outside world safe in the knowledge that you, your dog, and your property are all safe and secure. Both paddock and car park are fully enclosed by a 6-foot tall perimeter fence, that extends below ground to prevent escapes by jumping or tunneling. In addition, we have also provided a dog washing station within the car park so you can rinse off mucky-pups and muddy boots before getting back into your car.

We planted over 30 trees, as well as 5 bamboo plants when we created Beech Tree Paddock. While they're small now, they will grow into fantastic shady spots but until then, they're still brilliant stimulation for busy canine noses! We have also "planted" four tractor tyres and several large diameter pipes to create tunnels and jumps. Along with hills and wild flower beds there is plenty to keep dogs and humans entertained. 

Dog training. Our secure paddock offers the perfect place for dog training activities, be it working dogs, puppies, or rescues. Work on recall without your dog disappearing over the horizon, or bring a friend and allow your new puppy to socialise in a safe environment. Working dog owners can benefit from the wide open spaces, trees and bushes to work on that excellent retrieve. If your dog is reactive or a bitch on heat, it can often be better to be away from other dogs, Beech Tree Paddock is that space where you can be free from worry about any trouble they might get into.

It's not all about dogs though, we have thought about people as well. We've included a field shelter, benches, and a picnic table, so bring a flask of Tea and kick-back and relax! There is also a compacted stone path that follows the fence line around the field, so human feet can stay as mud-free as possible when the weather gets really wet.

Children are welcome, as are picnics but please tidy up after yourself.

Security and Freedom

Peace of Mind

Training Space

The Human Element

We charge per vehicle using the parking space in a given time slot, not per dog.

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If you need to cancel your booking please just drop us an email and we will rearrange it free of charge.